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We work with you to create one or more videos a month, posted to your social media accounts, for a continuous dialogue between you and your customers, clients, employees or fans.

The Reasons for Choosing Channel Building

With Channel Building, you are looking to increase your visibility by creating an ongoing dialogue with your clients, employees, or shareholders. Just like the good old-fashioned days of TV, starting your own channel means that you have the resources and commitment to support your own series. Businesses or organizations that specialize in educational programs, sell a diverse and ever-changing inventory of products, or offer multiple services under one brand name, are just some examples of the types of candidates well-suited for Channel Building.

Marketing Support

Once your video is made, it's now time to post to your social media accounts. But there's more that you can still do to increase your visibility on these platforms, and elsewhere online. Things like boosted posts, sponsored content, and targeted ads through Google are all great ways to get your business' name out there. And we're able to help with that!

As the creators of your videos, we're personally invested in getting as many eyeballs on them as we can, way more than your run-of-the-mill "social media experts."

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